A Hot Kommodity: Super Bowl #52



The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and it’s that time of year for the events to begin rolling out. The Sports Business Journal has announced some of the unique ideas coming out of Minnesota in preparation for the big game. The president of Nomadic Entertainment Group, Jack Murphy, is at it again with a highly unique concept to turn the Minneapolis Armory into a music festival location. Just blocks from U.S. Bank Stadium, his hope it to create a unique 3-day music event in the 82-year-old downtown eye-sore. The space itself is 300,000 square feet of open space which  had been used as a parking garage. Creating something out of almost nothing is not an easy feat for the Nomadic Entertainment Group. 

In past years, Jack Murphy and his team have built amazing relationships with big name sponsors to help spread the word of their Super Bowl events, brand the events, and assist with expenses. So far, this year DirecTV has been announced as the title sponsor for the evening before the big game. This happens to the be the biggest and most expensive sponsorship level for the television provider. It’s great to see them signing back on for the twelfth straight year in a row. There was a bit of apprehension about the deal because of AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV back in 2015.

It’s clear that what Jack Murphy, The Nomadic Entertainment Group, and On Location Experiences are doing what it takes to keep sponsors coming back again and again for the right reasons.

            The original Super Bowl events put on my Jack Murphy, were receiving title sponsorships in the eight figures! But after consideration to spread the wealth, the one big Saturday evening event, has since scaled into a three-day music festival for the masses. This year’s exclusive party will most likely sell out quickly to its expected 2,000-plus guests at the price of $250 each for general admission. What I would give to be in that room for this event! The teams are incorporating so many unique aspects to the event space including a technology showcase in the exterior waiting area as guests arrive. This keeps them out of the freezing Minnesota cold, and puts them smack dab in front of products. With the starting price of tickets at $250, I am almost certain this is the ideal group of A-list consumers to expose to AT&T products.

               Another cool note mentioned in this article was the Mystic Lake Casino. This Club Nomadic feature in Minneapolis is 26 miles southwest of downtown. The hotel resort is going to feature four nights of music and entertainment in a 64,000 square foot pop-up party. How cool is that? I cannot image the skills and expertise going into both of these events. It’s a phenomenal feat for Jack Murphy and his team- though not impossible. I have spent some time researching On Location and Nomadic Entertainment Group in the past, and it is truly a dream of mine to assist with the creative teams of some of the phenomenal events they host year round.