It was a Sweet Paradise!

Oftentimes, it’s bittersweet when an event comes to an end. All the sweat, elbow grease and time it takes to turn just an idea into action has to be the most rewarding part of my job. This event did not disappoint!

The first Philly Influencer Mixer was held on Monday May 13 at Photo Pop Philly hosted by Davida of Vida Fashionista and Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity. The Philly Influencer Mixer was created to bring Philly’s bloggers/influencers together to build relationships, inspire creativity, network and learn something new. Supporting each other while having fun in the process!

Attendees were actual writers, creators and brands dedicated to making the industry a true profession- rather than a side-hustle. Davida and I were overwhelmed with the support from our sponsors, the community and brands we represent. Check out the blog post from VidaFashionista herself for more information.

Networking is very important to me,  that’s how I started my business after all. To see Kamille and Davida bring together some really influential people into one room was amazing to watch. Their first event was really well done and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

  • Kate Marlys, Owner of Philly PR Girl and Photo Pop Philly

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(From left to right) Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity & Davida of Vida Fashionista

(From left to right) Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity & Davida of Vida Fashionista