An Event Planners Guide to Business Travel


1. I would not consider myself a neat freak, however, my roommates might have a very different take on this! I always remember to pack the travel size of disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer (the kind that hangs from your bag or keys for easy access), wet wipes for those unexpected touch-ups, and if you can fit it- a mini humidifier because I’m extra!

2.I recently invested in a 13-in MacBook Air for The Hot Kommodity. I am a strong believer in investing in yourself and your passion! After reading my itinerary for the week, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I arrived. So, I made sure to pack my own personal office. Along with my new gadget, I brought along some of my favorite event planner must-haves:

- Staples® Arc Customizable Durable Poly Notebook System. This is a configurable book that I bought over a year ago when I worked for a special event firm. The tear-away pages are ideal when your catering team “forgot” to bring a copy of the layout.

- Sticky Notes. Like why wouldn’t you bring these?

- Highlighters. Again…I don’t leave the home without one.

- Pilot G2 Premium Retractable Gel Roller Pens. A cult classic and my ultimate favorite writing pen

3.     I only brought one large rolling bag, and one carry on for this trip! I know right, I did well. I hope this packing list gives you some inspiration:

- (1) NC State University Sweatshirt (Go pack!)

-  (1) pair of grey joggers

- (1) Short set pajamas

- Bedroom slippers- a true MUST HAVE

- A satin bathrobe

- (2) Pairs of black pants. One is your standard tailored pant, the other is a funky pair of vintage wool pants. They both are acceptable in the workplace.

- (5) tops of various colors and styles

-  (2) blazers. I packed a season-less black one and a “millennial pink” faux leather one to show off my personal style while remaining professional

- (1) White skirt. I find that your skirt option should be a signature piece and really stand out. White always makes a statement.

-  (1) grey tailored shift dress. This is my first day of work outfit. Professional and smart-looking

- (3) pairs of shoes- Low heel pumps, sassy leather booties, and fun pink flats. I also wore my favorite trainers on the trip there!

Cute Top.png

- (1) Fun statement top. I got this cropped wrap top from Marshalls for a steal. This is going to be your after-work activity top. I suggest only one night out on the town while away for a work week- but let’s be real…

-  (1) pair of work appropriate jeans. In case there is a casual Friday option, or for going out.


One thing to always remember when starting a new gig out of town, your primary reason for the trip is work. So make that money, remain professional, and absorb as much of the city you can!