Influencer Marketing

I decided to launch the Influencer Marketing arm of The Hot Kommodity because this budding industry is in need of more collaborative opportunities to assist brands in sourcing the very best reaches of social media. Influencers sometimes get a bad rap; as if honest consumer reviews from people just like you and me are somehow invalid. These individuals are creators and visionaries! It’s not about preaching or judging, it’s about honest dialogue.

Your influencer marketing plan is broken down into three parts:

  • Social reach: We identify and recruit a large network of influencers from the tri-state (PA, NY,NJ) area who are able to reach millions of consumers via their social channels and blogs.

  • Original content: Influencers produce original marketing content for the brand. This is a truly custom offering that meets the brands overall campaign goals.

  • Consumer trust: Influencers maintain strong relationships with your audience, who have a certain level of trust in the influencer’s opinions.

2019 Philly Influencer Mixer at Photo Pop Philly

2019 Philly Influencer Mixer at Photo Pop Philly

We thoroughly vet each influencer on our team to make sure they have a suitable reach and a loyal following. Influencers are then categorized into areas of expertise (fashion, fitness, tech, etc). Finally we find someone whose followers match your intended audience. Once we’ve found your influencer(s), we work with them to define what the campaign will look like, and facilitate building and distribution of the agreed upon content.

If you are interested in securing this service contact us for pricing today!

Event Management

When your company is planning an event or meeting, you need to make a lasting impression. At The Hot Kommodity, we strategically work with our clients to do just that. We branded, memorable events, experiences and even live exhibitions. There events have been proven to generate increased levels of customer loyalty. We are proud of the variety of programs, meetings and events we present in the city of Philadelphia.

The Rookie Package

Prices starting @ $1,500

The Rookie Package is ideal for simple assistance with event productions & execution. Examples could include timeline arrangement, budget development, booking entertainment...etc.



Inquire for more details.We are always willing to discuss pricing to meet your event needs!

The All Star Package

Prices starting at $3,000

The All Star package includes a of a host of concierge style services just for you. This package will ensure every aspect of the event experience is a slam dunk. 



We have expertise in planning:

  • Fundraisers

  • Galas

  • Exhibitions/Trade Shows (modular booth design included)

  • Influencer/Blogger Socials

  • Charity Sporting Events

  • In-Store Shopping Events

  • Grand Openings

  • Campaign/Donor/Alumni Events