It was a Sweet Paradise!

Oftentimes, it’s bittersweet when an event comes to an end. All the sweat, elbow grease and time it takes to turn just an idea into action has to be the most rewarding part of my job. This event did not disappoint!

The first Philly Influencer Mixer was held on Monday May 13 at Photo Pop Philly hosted by Davida of Vida Fashionista and Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity. The Philly Influencer Mixer was created to bring Philly’s bloggers/influencers together to build relationships, inspire creativity, network and learn something new. Supporting each other while having fun in the process!

Attendees were actual writers, creators and brands dedicated to making the industry a true profession- rather than a side-hustle. Davida and I were overwhelmed with the support from our sponsors, the community and brands we represent. Check out the blog post from VidaFashionista herself for more information.

Networking is very important to me,  that’s how I started my business after all. To see Kamille and Davida bring together some really influential people into one room was amazing to watch. Their first event was really well done and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

  • Kate Marlys, Owner of Philly PR Girl and Photo Pop Philly

If you are a Philly blogger/influencer and interested in attending the next event, please like the Facebook page to keep up with all updates at If you are a brand/business interested in increasing your reach in the Philly market through influencers, please email me at

(From left to right) Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity & Davida of Vida Fashionista

(From left to right) Kamille Watson of The Hot Kommodity & Davida of Vida Fashionista

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Hello Hot Kommodity Fans!


Just checking in quickly to inform you all of my new position working full-time as an event coordinator for a international company with offices right here in Philly.

With this new position, I have less time to blog. However, I just picked up a brand new client recently. I am very excited to be working with Kelly Drive Productions as the new Donor Relations Coordinator for...

An Event Planners Guide to Business Travel


1. I would not consider myself a neat freak, however, my roommates might have a very different take on this! I always remember to pack the travel size of disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer (the kind that hangs from your bag or keys for easy access), wet wipes for those unexpected touch-ups, and if you can fit it- a mini humidifier because I’m extra!

2.I recently invested in a 13-in MacBook Air for The Hot Kommodity. I am a strong believer in investing in yourself and your passion! After reading my itinerary for the week, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I arrived. So, I made sure to pack my own personal office. Along with my new gadget, I brought along some of my favorite event planner must-haves:

- Staples® Arc Customizable Durable Poly Notebook System. This is a configurable book that I bought over a year ago when I worked for a special event firm. The tear-away pages are ideal when your catering team “forgot” to bring a copy of the layout.

- Sticky Notes. Like why wouldn’t you bring these?

- Highlighters. Again…I don’t leave the home without one.

- Pilot G2 Premium Retractable Gel Roller Pens. A cult classic and my ultimate favorite writing pen

3.     I only brought one large rolling bag, and one carry on for this trip! I know right, I did well. I hope this packing list gives you some inspiration:

- (1) NC State University Sweatshirt (Go pack!)

-  (1) pair of grey joggers

- (1) Short set pajamas

- Bedroom slippers- a true MUST HAVE

- A satin bathrobe

- (2) Pairs of black pants. One is your standard tailored pant, the other is a funky pair of vintage wool pants. They both are acceptable in the workplace.

- (5) tops of various colors and styles

-  (2) blazers. I packed a season-less black one and a “millennial pink” faux leather one to show off my personal style while remaining professional

- (1) White skirt. I find that your skirt option should be a signature piece and really stand out. White always makes a statement.

-  (1) grey tailored shift dress. This is my first day of work outfit. Professional and smart-looking

- (3) pairs of shoes- Low heel pumps, sassy leather booties, and fun pink flats. I also wore my favorite trainers on the trip there!

Cute Top.png

- (1) Fun statement top. I got this cropped wrap top from Marshalls for a steal. This is going to be your after-work activity top. I suggest only one night out on the town while away for a work week- but let’s be real…

-  (1) pair of work appropriate jeans. In case there is a casual Friday option, or for going out.


One thing to always remember when starting a new gig out of town, your primary reason for the trip is work. So make that money, remain professional, and absorb as much of the city you can! 

We launched- now what’s next!?

I want to thank EVERYONE so much for making our launch the best event I have every hosted-ever! The room was filled with Philly’s top bloggers, artists, stylists, writers, and influencers. I could not have been more overwhelmed with the outpour of love and support.

As some of you may know, the road to pulling off this event was filled with exploding land mines- but we overcame adversity and pulled it off. This is all thanks to our amazing contributors. A special shout out to Susan Padron for styling me head to toe, complete with Whim Jewelry for the evening!


Yards Brewing Company


The Fancy Crumb

BPM Fitness

Philadelphia Magazine


Ends Hair Design & Day Spa

Amuse Bouche Catering

Chris Stephens

….and last but not least the attendees!

Don’t you worry, we have many more events coming up! Please check out the gallery of photos from the big day here. Be on the lookout for our event video coming to a mobile device near you in late February!

New Website ‘The Hot Kommodity’ Connects Brands with Philly Influencers

PHILADELPHIA Pa., Jan. 22, 2018The Hot Kommodity, a new branding and events service that leverages local influencers in sports and fashion, will host an official website launch event on Wednesday, Jan. 31, from 6-8 p.m. at BoConcept in Center City. The Hot Kommodity works with clients to conceptualize and execute buzzworthy events, in addition to connecting them with Philadelphia’s social media stars to create and distribute content in the most effective way.

“We are excited about our website launch and the robust information it provides for customers, investors, bloggers and media to better understand what The Hot Kommodity offers Philadelphia,” said founder Kamille Watson. “As we continue to grow and increase our presence in the city, our website will allow our visitors to explore the power of influencer marketing and organic brand conversation.”

The website also features a press release blog, information on upcoming events, corporate milestones, business news and a step-by-step guide for working with the Hot Kommodity.

During the launch event, several of Philadelphia’s most followed bloggers and social media stars will be invited to mingle, network and collaborate amidst live music, drinks and food.

Sponsors include BoConcept, Yards Brewing Company, WayVine, BPM Fitness, and Honeygrow.

Explore the website and read the blog at and follow @theHotKommodity on Instagram.

About The Hot Kommodity

Start a social conversation around your brand. Headquartered in Philadelphia, The Hot Kommodity delivers expert event management services and connects brands with local celebrities. By providing the events and the entourage, The Hot Kommodity works with brands to make a lasting impression, increase customer loyalty and facilitate effective distribution of content. See more at


Media Contact:

NFL Pro Bowl Day 1

I am exhausted!

My classmate Samantha and I woke up at 4 am to get on our early morning flight to Orlando, FL today. We quickly arrived ahead of schedule so we were able to take our time, check into our Air BnB, and grab a bite to eat before heading to one of the most well-manicured fields I have ever set foot on! 

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is a true world-class sports venue. Check out their website here. The majority of our volunteer work at the NFL Pro Bowl was stationed on Marathon Sports Fields. We were given the choice of a variety of free fan activities at the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl Experience. These included options like an NFL grade obstacle course, Precision Passing presented by EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18, or 40-yard dash on a 40-yard LED display. Samantha and I chose to run the Virtual Reality Experience simulator.  This simulator allowed fans to get inside the game with NFL virtual reality technology!



It was so entertaining to watch fans overwhelmed with the opportunity to interact with their favorite teams and players using the virtual headsets. Their reactions were hilariously priceless!  

After several hours in the Florida heat (yes, even in January), I am ready to pass out! Tomorrow brings more opportunities- and I can’t wait!

NFL Pro Bowl Week

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.40.42 AM.png

This week, I will be traveling to Orlando, Fl to volunteer in the NFL Pro Bowl to support my Drexel University degree program. As some of you may know, I am in the online part-time program, working toward my maters degree in Sport Management. I am so thrilled for this opportunity! Follow me on @thereal_kamille, and The Hot Kommodity instagram page. It's going to be an exciting week- see you all tomorrow!



Mid-Week Inspiration

Classes have begun here at Drexel University. I am taking two incredibly interesting courses. One is a graduate level general marketing course, the other is an intimidating sports economics course.

A lot of what I write here in the blog will relate to my experiences in the Sports Management program, so I thought I would share a little inspiration! This is an incredible video of Steve Jobs introducing the brand marketing strategy for Apple back in the day. I can't help but think of the irony. He's talking about an ad in which people are being celebrated but eh impacts they have made in this world, and now he would be a pivotal addition to the ranks. 

Let me know what you think:

Happy New Year

The New Year came with the blistering cold, the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the Cowboys, Instagram posts stating "New Year, New Me", and lots of champagne!

I spent my evening with my publicist sending out Happy New Year emails, invites, and DMS. We stayed up until 3AM to send out one of the most important emails of my career- The Hot Kommodity Launch Party Invite using Eventbrite! 

You have no idea how good it feels to finally send this invite to all of you! 

I can not wait to show off my planner skills, mix and mingle face-to-face, and host the BoConcept showroom in Center City Philadelphia. I can't wait to see all of you very soon...


Happy New Year,


NFL Ratings,Though?

Those working in the television industry cannot argue that the NFL provides the most dependable programming on television to date. However, the current decline in ratings, especially primetime ratings, has network executives worried. With NFL game viewership being 2.5 times bigger than broadcast prime-time viewership one might argue that this issue is one that could impact the future of how we watch the game. The demographic of 18-34 year olds (that’s ME!) is one of heavy decline. As a member of this demographic, I can tell you that this statistic is an accurate representation.

 The world wide web offers so many opportunities to view condensed versions of the games we love. We follow teams, players, journalists and specialist of our sports news rather than live sporting events. I think it has a lot to do with the credibility that can be found through a player or coach’s personal social media page. For example, when following a player who is a free agent, he might use social media as a way in which to market himself. He will clear up rumors personally, and even respond directly to fans and other players in the league. It’s difficult to get these guys in a room together to have these intimate conversations in person, so social media becomes the grand stage for hashing things out, or just plain old expression. This is so much more valuable that watching a game on television. And who loves to be on social media more than the 18-35 years olds? Instead of sinking down into the couch to watch a lineup of up to 18 games in a weekend, I would rather be out enjoying the weekend with friends and family while occasionally checking my news feed for updates, locker-room interviews and highlights.

Reducing the number of games broadcasted can allow for the issue of oversaturation to become much more manageable. This dramatic rise in football activity in attributed by the need to build revenue through naming rights deals- or at least that is my theory on the matter. Just as less folks are watching NFL sports live in the stadium, less are queuing up their television to watch it to home. However, one thing still remains true, and that is that football is king when it comes to viewership. Ratings will always be at higher than primetime viewership, even with the current drop.

One unique point to note is that Monday night football has seen a 6 percent increase in ratings from the previous year. I have to say that I do enjoy spending a Monday evening watching the game vs a Sunday or Thursday.

A Hot Kommodity: NBA we see you!

In order to create a successful environment of innovation, diversity is essential. The National Basketball Association (NBA), is taking some tiny baby steps toward doing just that. The NBA chief innovation officer, Amy Books has formed a committee to analyze new potential initiatives for the league. These committee members are to include a combination of business and basketball operations in the organization- mostly general managers and executive leadership. On a basic level, Brooks wants the game to stop talking the talk, and walk the walk. The world of sports itself is becoming such a fast-paced rat race to the next big thing. And if the NBA doesn’t pool its resources, cut the middle men, and keep up with the insatiable appetites of its fan base they are bound to lose traction.

            What makes this committee stand out from others is its diverse group of individuals. Pulling groups from various areas of the organization that have never had the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another is innovation 1-0-1. Brooks states that for success, “collaboration across the league and teams is key to drive innovation” (Lombardo, 2017). This isn’t the first time the NBA has tried this diverse approach to build successful initiatives. In 2016, a collective bargaining committee of team presidents was constructed by Adam Silver. Although the details or agenda of this new committee have not been made public (their first meeting was held December 5th), it’s clear that Brooks is following in Silver’s footsteps and learning some tricks from his previous committees.

            I have been following the business dealings of the NBA for some time now since developing my interest in sports events and marketing, and I can say that though the NBA is a completely established and brilliant organization, it does not compare to worldly reach and level of some other sports leagues in the business (FIFA and the NFL to be specific). However, I am still incredibly excited for the future of basketball. Specifically, the NBA Tech Summit coming up in February in New Orleans. There is so much that can be done in the game of basketball that connects fans, coaches, players, and athletic trainers. I recently attended a lecture with Lara Price and Andy Speiser of the Philadelphia 76ers. They spoke about the incredible technology they use at the new 76ers Training Complex in Camden, NJ to improve the lifestyle, diet, and overall training regimes for their players. If all of the teams aren’t using technology like this to their advantage, then this needs to be addressed. I would love to see the committee produce some innovations in technology like this.

            After reading this article in the Sport Business Journal, expectations still don’t seem very clear as to the outcomes that Brooks is searching for from establishing this group of individuals. It’s a great change of pace, and I am excited to see what may come from this, however it all seems very vague. I think it’s important to note that bringing these folks in with a like-minded goal can help mesh and mingle the different priorities that these groups have historically had. In the end, everyone wants to grow, and everyone wants to make the business more money. Now in a few months when it comes out that all this committee has been up to is chats about who has a better point guard over coffee and donuts, then I can’t say I would be surprised. I can only hope for the best for Amy Brooks and her new innovative dream team! 

Play the PR Offensive!

The NFL has enlisted Joe Lockhart as the leagues’ executive vice president of communications. Since January 2016, Lockhart has covered topics from the health and safety of players, to controversial cases of players’ personal lives. His style has been described here as an in-your-face approach and “offensive”. The previous press secretary under Bill Clinton transparently communicates with highly influential NFL reporters in regularly scheduled conference calls. This unique and open approach allows for Lockhart to answer questions, address issues, and effectively communicate the organizations message. It’s interesting to note that before Lockhart’s arrival, the NFL took a more defensive stance when dealing with dilemmas in the media.

With the days of dodging important issues behind them, the NFL can now strong-arm subjects that affect the organization as a whole.

I received a bachelor of science in communication from North Carolina State University, with a concentration in Public Relations. Having spent countless credit hours putting out fires during crisis communication modules and selecting from pools of some of the most heinous clients to create expert communication plans for- PR has been a true art form for me! The NFL did themselves a real service by hiring Joe Lockhart. He has a proven track record of success in some of the worst industry climates, and always seems to come out on top. I have always admired an offensive, fearless and confident approach to PR.

           This approach is best represented in the political landscape. Politicians are well known for creating some of the best content to offensively deal with some of the issues that arise during and after their run for office. Some of Lockhart’s tactics include sharing timely information to relevant sources like the top NFL reporters in the game. He also relies on a more consistent approach to his work ethic. Silently waiting for reporters to release stories can no longer be the model in a climate that is overflowing with social issue and opinions. Online platforms have become much more powerful with the emergence of social media, and Joe Lockhart is cornering the market.

The author of this article, Daniel Kaplan, is sharing not only the NFL’s brilliant addition to the team, but also sharing the importance of good PR!

A Hot Kommodity: Super Bowl #52



The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and it’s that time of year for the events to begin rolling out. The Sports Business Journal has announced some of the unique ideas coming out of Minnesota in preparation for the big game. The president of Nomadic Entertainment Group, Jack Murphy, is at it again with a highly unique concept to turn the Minneapolis Armory into a music festival location. Just blocks from U.S. Bank Stadium, his hope it to create a unique 3-day music event in the 82-year-old downtown eye-sore. The space itself is 300,000 square feet of open space which  had been used as a parking garage. Creating something out of almost nothing is not an easy feat for the Nomadic Entertainment Group. 

In past years, Jack Murphy and his team have built amazing relationships with big name sponsors to help spread the word of their Super Bowl events, brand the events, and assist with expenses. So far, this year DirecTV has been announced as the title sponsor for the evening before the big game. This happens to the be the biggest and most expensive sponsorship level for the television provider. It’s great to see them signing back on for the twelfth straight year in a row. There was a bit of apprehension about the deal because of AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV back in 2015.

It’s clear that what Jack Murphy, The Nomadic Entertainment Group, and On Location Experiences are doing what it takes to keep sponsors coming back again and again for the right reasons.

            The original Super Bowl events put on my Jack Murphy, were receiving title sponsorships in the eight figures! But after consideration to spread the wealth, the one big Saturday evening event, has since scaled into a three-day music festival for the masses. This year’s exclusive party will most likely sell out quickly to its expected 2,000-plus guests at the price of $250 each for general admission. What I would give to be in that room for this event! The teams are incorporating so many unique aspects to the event space including a technology showcase in the exterior waiting area as guests arrive. This keeps them out of the freezing Minnesota cold, and puts them smack dab in front of products. With the starting price of tickets at $250, I am almost certain this is the ideal group of A-list consumers to expose to AT&T products.

               Another cool note mentioned in this article was the Mystic Lake Casino. This Club Nomadic feature in Minneapolis is 26 miles southwest of downtown. The hotel resort is going to feature four nights of music and entertainment in a 64,000 square foot pop-up party. How cool is that? I cannot image the skills and expertise going into both of these events. It’s a phenomenal feat for Jack Murphy and his team- though not impossible. I have spent some time researching On Location and Nomadic Entertainment Group in the past, and it is truly a dream of mine to assist with the creative teams of some of the phenomenal events they host year round. 


Can you actually believe it? Because-I can't!

The Hot Kommodity is L-I-V-E and in full effect. Nothing fancy, a small client base, and events are coming soon. However- it's all mine and I can't be more excited.

As some of you know, it's been a long and rough road to figuring out what I wanted to do with this company. At first it was a blog, then it was nothing, and now it's a buzzing business! 

If you don't know, here's a bit about my journey:

In the summer of 2017, I was working at a Philadelphia university as an event director, and working on a master's in Sport Management. After a horrible fiscal year-end, the university laid me off, and I was wondering what to do next. I had befriended a group of truly creative and influential  peeps here in Philadelphia and began molding a socialite lifestyle that was incredibly inspiring.

What had I spent the last year doing? The last year of my life was just to prepare me for this moment!

Now, I am attending high end events hosted by big names in Philadelphia, New York, and beyond! I am able to share my interests and expertise with some of the most well-respected event planners, PR executives, professional athletes, and fashion killas in the game! 

I am so proud of this growth and ready to show you all what I can do! Check out the website, and please tell me what you think!